Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father’s Day Celebration


Nowadays, only few companies that are avidly celebrating any celebrations like Valentine ’s Day, mother’s day, father’s day or any special occasions like anniversary or birthday. There are some BPO companies that are applying the strategy of giving the employee recognitions by giving employee benefits and perks. Organizing an event or activities that would benefit each employee and leaders of the company. With this kind of strategy, companies will be able to get the loyalty of the employees. This is also a way to build a good relationship between the bosses and the employees.

Giving recognition to the endeavors of the employees will make them feel important and good motivations for them strive harder to maintain their standing of being one of the best employees. This is also a good bonding time for all the teams and giving them a change to mingle with each other and communicate to each other removing the entire gap in the team. Some BPO company uses corporate gifts to personalize the gift for all the fathers that are working with them.