Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Message To Father's Day

 .... During father's day, I wrote a message dedicated to all the fathers in my life.... To my dear father, brother-in-laws and my beloved brother.  I am very thankful for having a dad, brother-in-laws and brother which I consider the best daddies in the whole world. ..... And to my hubby, even if we have not given children yet, still I love you for loving me unconditionally. 

My Father's Day Message

Happy father's day to you daddy Sam. Words are not enough to say how much we love and appreciate you for being our father. Being a minister in a congregation and a father to us is not an easy job but by God's grace you did it. I never forget how you took care of me when I got sick even if you had appointments. Bringing me along with you when you have house visitations or church services when I was a little girl for no one could attained to me at home. We are not materially abundant but your love is far more than enough to tell. 

Thank you also to you mom Luningning for your never ending love and understanding for your family. Having you as the provider of the family is not an easy job but because of your love and dedication to the Lord, you are willing to sacrifice everything just to support us financially. We love you mom.

Daddy, I will always be your daddy's girl.......This is my name....."Langi" you made me one..hehehe.. I am always being the langi daughter of yours. Until now, even if I have my own family, I couldn't resist myself to have your attention... making langi langi to you dad,.... The crying lady nako... hehehe..

Dad, whatever health conditions you may have right now, I know you are not getting any younger, prayers are far more effective than being near you. Forever we love you dad and mom for being our parents. 

...... Jezz...Happy father's day to you kuya James...Love you kuya.... thank you for being a good father and god-fearing husband to my sister.. I will always cherish your love and patience you extended to our family. Thank you for everything kuya..  

....... Jade Mar....Happy father's day to you Omar Jon.. thank you for giving my sister two wonderful and super active kids. hehehe.. thank you for being a good husband and a good provider as well. I will always appreciate your love and help to us even if we are just your extended family. Thank you for opening your home for us always.   
......to my handsome brother @jezreel yanez... Happy father's day to you dear bro.. I know there were times we had conflicts but I am happy that you still there for us. Forever we love you bro maski unsa pa na ang mahitabo...  

.......We do not choose our family; they are God’s gift to us, as we are to them. For we know families were created with all the imperfections make us forget ourselves occasionally, so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed......