Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pipe Problem

A few months ago, I used to work in a café here in my place. The café was my brother’s business and he chose me to work as the officer-in-charge. He preferred me to be the one to take over on every problem that may occur. The whole time of my service I never had encountered major problems aside from the pipe leakage. I am the one who decided on what to do during that time because my brother was out of the country and the pipe problem was worsening if not attained immediately.

The problem like this is very unpredictable and could happen at any time. The worst thing was that, it happens before we close the café when everyone was ready to go. We were just lucky enough we saw the kitchen has a problem before we left. We were afraid if the problem was left unfixed for the whole night; the water will probably destroy our furniture, equipment or the worst was might flooded the whole place.

We tried to locate the problem and we saw it as a threat to the whole place especially the sanitary and the equipments. We were all tired and not experts to do the plumbing job. One thing that we are grateful with in times of emergency such like this is that there are some plumbing services which are available online like the 24 hour plumber Sydney, in which we can call at any time of the day.