Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Environment Problem

The rainy days are affecting many places especially in the Luzon area. The government has recently had many problems getting rid those informal settlers that are risking their lives living nearby the creek. It’s been years since the government keeps educating those informal settlers not to leave those danger sides especially when the rainy season comes. Aside from risking their lives, garbage is found all over the place for most people are not particular to the cleanliness. This is one reason why flooding is common to the place even if it is simple rain that comes.

There are many reasons why a flooding problem is vast in many cities in Luzon. The irresponsible acts of an individual are one that can be considered as the reasons. The improper disposal of garbage, living in an inappropriate place for living, cutting of trees and a lot more that we can consider the most cases of flooding globally. It has been the prerogative of the individual of not doing such contributor of destroying the environment but some still refuse to change for better result.

The Philippine government has been providing some relocation houses for those who were affected by the relocation especially the informal settlers. A good cause of the government is being turned down by some because of many reasons they consider like the livelihood in the new location is very hard or for some would probably too far from their workplace. These are just some of the reasons why people will never prosper because they don’t want to follow the rules and would never try something that would help them have as much comfortable and safer place to stay.

The usual lifestyle will be changed into something much healthier and decent lifestyle. This is the one way of the government of promoting a responsible living to avoid any environmental problems. Some of these people don’t even care to use Enviro bags to reduce the garbage plastic problem.