Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home Cleanliness

Cleanliness starts at home. As always, mothers are urging their children to be clean always wherever they go. As what my mom use to tell me that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. From that quote she was reminding me even at my younger years that I should be particular to clean my body and surroundings. She slowly teaches me the importance of cleanliness. In response, I gradually disciplined myself until doing it is just part of my daily routine. This is why we start using enviro bags and other eco friendly bags to reduce plastic garbage usage.

If everyone is disciplined to observe cleanliness, why should we suffer from garbage, pollution and other environmental danger? Let us start the changes that come from within. This is very important to observe and teach the importance of cleanliness. Teaching the whole world is a big responsibility to lessen the possible environment problem.

In China garbage is also been an issue and they are planning to turn garbage waste into energy plants. They are also thinking of trash reduction, recycling and management. Having garbage anywhere is attracting flies and other bacteria. This can be stop when we are responsible to all our garbage. Cleanliness starts with ourselves it should start at home.