Sunday, July 21, 2013

Healthy Source of Energy

I really give credit to those who have made great achievements in life. I also admire those people who are sacrificing themselves to help other people without expecting in return. I salute those types of people whose heart are genuine in helping others. In other hand, some politicians are initiating to help others, but those deeds are in exchange to their popularity and recognitions to the society.

I have read some articles about some people sacrificing themselves, time, efforts and finances just to help others without expecting return. One of them is Edward Norton, who has done his part in sharing the low income family in Los Angeles by installing the solar panels. Solar panels are the best alternative source of energy in a household without worrying on monthly electric bill obligations. It can supply enough energy to a household’s energy needs.

Thanks to BP’s Solar Neighbors program much family benefit of this organization. On the other hand Robert Redford boarded members of group Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) putting a campaign against climate change and promoting solar panels since 1970s. It is good that we will support for greener living and environmental friendly products program they were initiating. Support the Eco friendly product, green bag or Enviro bags to help keep our environment healthy to live in with without using any plastic bags.