Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Natural Tool For Fashion

I really appreciate how a person looks more gorgeous on the choice of fashion she/he has in a special event. The event in which a person can glamorously showcase the choice of fashion she/he has. On the choice of dress and accessories, it is important that it will look good on you during the event. I have seen some are using natural products as a tool for making the fabric of the gown. You can see how talented and artistic people that can create a nice gown or borong using plants as a tool of fabric.

I have seen one person who created a gown out of pineapple leaves. It has been used by some famous international designer in Hollywood like Oliver Tolentino. This is a good example of how creative and talented a person can be. Turning plant which we think useless and making it into something as a tool of fabulous fabric for gowns. Another tool for fabric is Abaka which can also be used in gowns, accessories and hats. This fabric can also be used in bags or Enviro bags that are surely Eco friendly. I like the natural products which you can create as a tool for fashion.