Thursday, July 18, 2013


Last night, hubby and I were watching an informative movie where some reporters do some researches and gathering any actual situation of many individuals in a certain topic. The documentary episode of reporter’s notebook was another great topic. The show was very informative especially it took up more on the reality of how some low class people survive their livelihood in spite the fact of poverty.

The topic last night was so unacceptable practice done by some people. Irresponsible acts of some individuals can lead to destroy our environment. It was a topic that surely opens the eyes of the people involved and the viewers about how important to keep our environment clean.

The topic last night was a kind of taboo. The people in a certain community throw plastic with their faces into the ocean. Making the ocean as their bathroom and garbage landfill is a big issue wherein many ocean creatures will die. Sad to hear that even many places suffer with too much flooding still many are throwing their garbage into the ocean. It is good to have campaigned about the importance of saving our environment and to educate how important our part to make the campaign to be realized.

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