Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Expensive Bags

My wife and I agreed most of our decisions to be made must be agreed to both of us. Every plans and problems in the house must be shared within the family. Even with it regards to our finance, wife and I agreed things before buying or spending money. She used to make the budgeting for our food but on every major expenses, we will see things out that both of us will agree upon the expenses.

My wife and I do usually the buying of those inexpensive things but quality wise.  We do usually buy those things that are important to our daily lives and the most needed thing every day.  There are some of our friends that are having some financial problems because of their partners that are having some excessive shopping for personal things like shoes, bags, cosmetics and jewelries. 

Buying something for yourself is not bad as long as you have extra money to spend. Buying expensive shoes, bags and jewelries is not our lifestyle.  My wife’s cousin who uses to work as flight stewardess for a long time and she usually gave her gifts.   There was one time that she gave us expensive perfumes, shoes, accessories and some surprises inside the shopping bags.  My wife was very happy receiving those gifts for she knew that my wife would really appreciate what she gave.  

In our lives, we all have choices to make. Whatever lifestyle you may be choosing, it is good to live life to the fullest. Being happy and contented is a choice not a command. We prefer to live in a simple, happy and contented lifestyle.