Thursday, July 18, 2013


Have you tried of dreaming yourself to become famous all over the world someday? Gaining such name is not possible without achieving something that would help you become famous. You could be known in the field of sports, business or in entertainment. Obtaining such famous name needs a lot of effort, connections and publishing.

There are people who were born famous because of their family’s achievements.  But there are some who became famous because of their talent which they showcase through social media. One famous social media icon and a singer like Psy with his gangnam style song.  He achieves his fame because of his song gangnam style which he uploaded in Youtube.  Psy is one example of people who are not born famous but gained fame after people like his music and dance moves.

Everywhere they go paparazzi are following them to take pictures and know what their latest is. Reporters are not taking their eye off to celebrities just to find out something about the celebrity that can be used as a scoop of their news. Some are taking what the certain celebrity is wearing, their fashion style, the kind of tote bags they use while having some shopping.

This is the life of a celebrity.  A life they think that they don’t have the freedom to hide their personal whereabouts. A life without a freedom like a normal person and with that situation a celebrity sometimes wishes to have a normal life.  A normal life having no one following them and can go and do whatever they want.