Thursday, July 11, 2013

Role Model

Are you a sports fanatic? In what sports you are good at? For me, I used to play basketball and tennis with my younger brother. I am actually a big fan of Michael Jordan when I was at my high school years. He used to be the role model of my basketball enthusiast friends as well. I used to have one of the shoes Michael has endorsed. I could still remember that my dad had the shoes in the very high price. This is one of the best marketing strategies of the shoe company.

Looking for the right person to be the role model of a certain product is the best and the most effective way to promote a certain product. Companies are usually found those famous persons to carry the name of their brand or products. Just like Michael Jordan for Nike, Roger Federer for some tennis products. Some famous celebrities could also be hired to some promotional products through television to attract viewers. For getting a good role model to endorse the product, people will surely patronize for seeing their favorite artists that are using the product.