Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Environment Friendly Group

There are irregularly felt in our climate globally. It’s been years now since many died due to extreme flooding that devastated almost the entire city located in Northern Mindanao. And just this week we felt heavy rains almost every day. There are some places in Cebu City suffered flooding even in a light rain. This is one problem in which the government is looking for the solutions.

One problem seen that causes the flooding is the improper throwing garbage. Even the air we breathe is no longer fresh and healthy because of the pollution. Thanks to some people that created an organization that the advocate is to take care of our environment. Those earth’s friendly organizations like Earth First!, Greenpeace, and Co-Op America are kept reminding the people to preserve our environment.

The group also educates people to use nature friendly product from cosmetics to Enviro bags. They persuade people to use environment friendly shopping bags to lessen the used of plastic bags and hoping that many will respond to this movement. Let us keep our mother earth conducive to live in.