Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Compassionate Heart

I feel pity to those homeless people I saw living anywhere along the road without food and shelter. This is one thing that really breaks my heart.  I could feel deep inside my heart the hardship they had been through, especially during rainy days. I never thought living a life of being homeless. It is really important to have a shelter and livelihood for a living. This is why people are striving harder to earn for a living to sustain their daily needs.

Just this morning as we went to the market to buy for our food, we saw some homeless people who stayed outside the gate of a church begging and waiting for alms.  Some of those homeless people are coming from mountainous places or from a tribe and decided to move into a city hoping for a much better living. We cannot blame them for their ignorance which led them without a home and livelihood. Never thought of these possibilities in which they may encounter in the busy cities.

Some NGO’s summed up with relocating them and teaching them for some livelihood. I spoken to one person from the NGO, they had started this project almost a year ago. The project started by just giving the homeless people with tote bags full of clothes, canned food and etc.  This is not an easy commitment if you do not have the compassion and heart to help those native people especially when are dealing with uneducated people. Patience, love and compassion are the keys for the project to push through.