Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unusual Phenomenon

 image: GMA
I am very happy that once again, our place is coping up and getting better after a strong earthquake destroyed buildings, schools, infrastructures and the most heartbreaking death rate. People nowadays are overcoming self from the trauma experienced. Gradually especially that we can still feel strong aftershocks every now and then. Classes and some establishments declared suspension to avoid fatalities while our place is still not safe from the aftershocks.

One thing that people should do this time is to stay safe and always vigilant to possible earthquake may come at anytime. Prayers are the best help we can all have this time. Drawing strength from each other is very important to overcome the trauma. An unusual phenomenon felt in which lead the people to confusion.  Unexplainable climate and earth’s land situation are no longer normal to the usual situation before.

Climate has changed into something unusual in which people cannot imagine and explain it to happen. Scenarios of tremendous earthquakes, hurricane and floods, famine or la NiƱa is being present anytime all over the globe.  Nobody is exempted to the calamities when it strikes. This will continue or might as well worsen if people will ignore to take actions of helping the environment.

“Is there a way we can help?” I guess this is the question in which we must consider this time. I once asked myself this question, “How can I be a big help and not to be a contributor on the irregularity of the climate or this tragic phenomenon in which we can say in our own simple manner? “.  The activities will start in your own initiative even without letting others know.

Start the actions now before it will be too late. There are some organizations that come up with planting of trees. As an individual action, you can stop using sprayers that are not environmental friendly, stop using plastic bags or anything which are not biodegradable products. It has been a while since I had started using Enviro bags. A simple way I can use bags that are environmentally friendly.