Friday, October 18, 2013

A Huge Damage Of An Earthquake

I never thought of a huge devastation which stroke to us last Tuesday morning. Intensity 7.2 earthquakes had left us many fatalities. Many had lost their houses; some had partial to total damage to some of our infrastructure especially the old historic churches, buildings, schools had been destroyed as well. It really breaks my heart when we saw in the news how vast were the result of the quake.

Until now, we can still feel high intensity of aftershocks every now and then. The earth shakes really traumatized us and even had sleepless nights after ten. This is the first time that our place had experienced such high intensity earthquake. The vast damage of infrastructure can be replaced and fixed but the lives that had lost during the earthquake are gone forever.

Despite the fact that the earthquake left us so much in pain and even lost lives, houses and infrastructures.  Still the Filipinos stood up and held hands up together to help each other. I just saw on the news tonight that many organizations and government officials volunteered on giving goods in the affected area in Bohol. Rice, can goods, noodles, water and ready to eat food are the most important people need this time.  Some are giving tote bags that have clothes, blanket, and some personal needs.