Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sharing Compassion and Love

In most Asian countries, many are not given the privilege sending off their kids to school because of poverty. There are some can afford and even send their children to expensive schools. Education is very essential to attain success in life that a person dreamed of. In some cases, there are parents that really work hard just to send children to school despite the poverty issue. Uniforms and school supplies are sometimes later their big problem on where to get money to buy for the school needs.

There are some institutions or organizations that gather school donations specifically school supplies and bags. After gathering donations, the organizations will bring the supplies to the less fortunate students that are willing to go to school but cannot afford to buy their school supplies and bags. I remembered last summer, I had seen in a certain TV show gathered school supplies to distribute in many places which has a high rate of poverty.

Eco friendly Enviro bags are being used for the distribution of the school supplies and school bag. In this manner, parents can also reuse the Enviro bags as well. It has shown a good example to their viewers the importance of showing compassion to those who are less fortunate.  It is another way of the TV program to show how they appreciated their viewers by giving compassion to the less fortunate children. Sharing love and compassion is a way of showing how thankful you are for your life.