Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prayers For The Earthquake Victims


Yesterday I received a call from a friend, who uses to have an organization. Her team comes up with gathering donations from friends to aid Bohol earthquake victims. Transportation going there is difficult especially some roads and bridge are not passable up to this time.  I love to go with them but I am not available today due to my work.

It has been 5 days that had passed since the tragic earthquake came. Hundreds of people died and some are still missing. Volunteers that are part of the retrieval team are still hopeful to those who are still buried will be found alive. Watching to news, very heartbreaking stories were being told on how they escape from death. At the young age, children experienced traumatic experience. Until now we can still feel mild to strong aftershocks every now and then.

A way of sharing my love is to give something to share to the victims. Simple and even not expensive things that comes from you is I think another way of making them smiles.  Despite of the trauma, sharing financial assistance for food and some of my calico bags full of use clothing and
toiletries, can somehow help in a way.

I could not bring or hand it over my donations to the earthquake victims; I appreciate those people who spare their time to bring all donations they had gathered to the earthquake victims even if they do not have friends and relatives in the place. Donating something that you think that are possible needed to the earthquake victims is very much important. And of course prayer is  very much important you can share this time as well.