Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Family Member

After giving birth last Monday October 28, our neighbor has finally home after being discharged from the hospital this morning. All of our close friend neighbors came to their house to see the baby and welcoming the new member of the family as well. I could see many happy faces with the family after waiting for 9 long months.

As one of the closest neighbors of the family, hubby and I were very happy with what the family had had right now.  In fact, I am spending most of my time today at our neighbor’s house to lend them my help especially on taking care of the baby. I help the mother doing her first breast feeding. It has been a pleasure of having them part of our life especially the newly born baby here in our neighborhood.

Last week, we decided to buy something for our neighbor, especially for the baby. We bought lots of baby stuff. We went to the mall without planning on what to buy for the baby. I thought buying for baby’s stuff was easy but it wasn’t especially that you have not seen the baby yet. We then finally come up with buying an infant shoes and a pair of shorts and shirts. The Eco shopping bags filled with our present for the baby has finally handed to them today.

It is a privilege to have another extended family here in our neighborhood. It is important to establish a good relationship to anybody especially in your neighborhood to avoid any conflicts. In times of emergency, your neighbors can easily lend you their help without hesitation because of the friendships that has been established.