Thursday, October 10, 2013

Early Christmas Sale

Yesterday, hubby and I went to the mall to buy something for our food. We had to come up with buying something for our Christmas tree first. It was indeed a time of shopping unplanned. I am very particular when buying something unnecessary. As we looked around, I could see lots of beautiful items for Christmas gifts, decors and souvenirs. I said to myself, " I think I need to excuse myself this time, I can buy things which I like for all of us".

 I could not resist myself seeing many shoppers taking the advantage of the mall’s early holiday sale.  The holiday season is fast approaching. I could feel it anywhere around. Filipinos really celebrate Christmas in the longest period of time. I am amazed at how people really give value about the essence of the celebration.

It is nice to buy for your family when there is the biggest sale in the mall. I bought my hubby nice walking shorts which have a big discount. I bought myself a nice blouse, cosmetics and 3 nice calico bags which I can use daily.  I took the advantage of mall sales to buy those beautiful calico bags.  Another set of bags for my bag collections.