Friday, November 1, 2013

Practical Mothers

Mothers done so much important task in the house. The usual person to know about the household management. This is one thing I am very thankful about my mother. She had to make herself available for us 24 hours every day without hesitations. She had to be always strong even problems come to test the family. She is the heart and the light of the family. I really appreciate how my mom took care all of my siblings and nurturing us in the right manner.

My mother, as my dad’s other half, he intrusted everything in the house to my mother.  From the house beautification, planning, facilitating us in school up to budgeting, it is our mother who did the execution of what they had agreed with our father for the benefit of the family. This is very important to remember for the couple even in the absence of the other half, any decisions made must be agreed upon before it will be implemented.

One thing I had observed from my sisters and even to myself being a wife, all the decisions about the budgeting for the groceries, food, bills and etc. were being entrusted to us by our partners.  This  is probably because our husbands trusted us for the monetary aspect of the family. This is one thing we can be proud of saying that our mother taught us to be always responsible in life even with the monetary aspect. Spending money in the right manner is very important. She taught us to always on being practical and never spend more than what you have earned.

Being a practical wife, I never thought of spending things that are not important to us. Things that cannot be useful everyday or neither the family can benefit upon will not be included on my list when going to the grocery. I am very particular about what to buy. I usually request for reusable bags for my groceries.  When using reusable bags, I can help reduce the problem of our environment.  A way of conserving our environment is to at least avoid using those that are not biodegradable.