Monday, April 22, 2013

Environmental Responsibility

One of the greatest problems that most countries are having problem with is the garbage. In our country, there are some places which making their garbage more useful and reusable. Officials are making some ordinance to let every household to segregate their garbage. The non-biodegradable garbage is made into bricks or anything they could think for livelihood. Making the garbage into something useful is one way to solve the problem. There are some places also are banning the use of plastic or plastic bags.

Here in our place, garbage is the number one problem we are facing. Our city officials are strict in implementing the proper garbage disposal to help our environment garbage free but there are some individuals that are taking the law for granted. It is hard to live in a place where people do not care about cleanliness even if the government implements strict law. In fairness to those who are diligent with cleanliness the place is beautiful and clean.

It is really hard to impost cleanliness to people who doesn't even care about the environment and in the end everyone will be affected and suffered from what they did. One of the factors that will cause us flooding is the plastic garbage. Plastic are not degradable and will only make the landfill overloaded with plastic rubbish. Some plastic will stick in the drainage and will cause problems with the drainage system.

It has been a while since the media are helping people to educate about the proper disposal of their garbage. There are some cities here that ban plastic bags. From the start of imposing the law, many business establishments were complaining but later realized how they could help our environment. The plastic ban really helps a lot. The usual problem about the garbage is really reduced. People have to use Enviro bags instead. Enviro bags are consisting of reusable bags, calico bags, tote bags, and Eco bags. Helping our environment starts from us. Simple discipline and following the law is a great factor to become a responsible individual even to our environment.