Thursday, April 11, 2013


It has been a while since we had a pet fish. I could still remember when my mom bought us some fish in the aquarium. We were 5 in the family and all of us have been given pets to be cared. Every summer, mother bought us piglets to be taking care for  the whole summer time. Mother really thinks something for us to develop our sense of responsibility even if we were still young. It was indeed a good idea that we thought it was just for fun.

 Last month was our younger brother’s birthday. We were thinking of giving him a present of an aquarium with fish. He was so happy to receive it because of the long time of waiting now he finally has it. This is one of the best gifts for kids nowadays instead of any expensive gadgets. The pets could really help the sense of responsibility for the kids. Simple and inexpensive gifts are far more than better rather than the expensive gadgets just for kids.

It is really good to give responsibilities to your kids especially in their early years. The sense of helping, caring and loving pets or to any living creatures should be developed even if they are still young. I love the way our mother has taught us the values of life. Now that our parents are old enough to take care our youngest sibling, I initiated on taking the responsibility even if our parents are still alive. It is really good to share how my parents brought us to become a better individual.