Thursday, April 11, 2013

College Life

My friend is an engineering student in one of the Universities here in our place. He is a very talented man. He is very good in art, music and some sports. He is very famous in his school because of his achievements and awards doing some arts. His artistic talent is a genetic and really runs from their blood. His father was an architect while his mother was a singer and sketch artist. He is enjoying what he is doing and continues on developing his skills. He became famous when he won in an inter-colleges art competition.

Kim is usually wearing reggae metal attire with hi calico bags on it. He is very fashionable to how he looks every day. Most of our friends admired his hairstyle and get up. During our free time, Kim used to be my buddy and teammate in an online game. Even if he is busy in school, still he manages to play online games together with us during free time. Sometimes we do play some ball games like basketball, soccer or tennis.

Kim is also good at playing guitar with his band mates. He plays the instrument and sings well at the same time. This is one of the reasons why he is famous in the school campus. He is a talented and a good looking man. Many girls like the way he carries himself. Kim used to bring different kinds of his beautiful calico bags. Calico bags are very famous in their school. I really like wearing this kind of bags also because it is light and you can even personalize the design. The only thing that matters of using this bag is that on how you will carry yourself that you are still in line with fashion.