Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Graduation Gift

My niece just graduated with honors this March. She took up Bachelor of Science in nursing education. She is the first one to graduate among the nieces and nephews that is why all of us in the family were very happy for her achievement. It has been 10 years since we visited their place. She was on her elementary years then. She has grown up so fast and we could not imagine that sooner or later she will have her own family.

My husband and I were wondering what to give this time as a present for her graduation. We did not know exactly what she really likes this time but since we come from a travel, we bought her shoes, perfume, make up and her favorite fashionable tote bags. She is really a fashionable grown up but still she likes those pink colors tote bags with printed flowers. For a woman who loves pink color bags, she definitely loves the bag.

During her graduation, her parents prepared a simple get together and a thanksgiving dinner in their house. Everyone in the immediate family and relatives were invited. It was a semi-reunion for us because all of my siblings from abroad also came to attend the occasion. An accomplished that we were all been happy with. A moment where we can also gather together with my family and celebrates the accomplishment achieved.