Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hot Summer

As I woke up this morning I felt the hot wind breeze coming from outside of the house. I never felt too hot during the summer until the moment we moved to an Island. This is our second year of experiencing the ocean breeze during summer but then our bodies could not still adopt it. I feel like I wanted to submerge my body in a tub full of ice. Yes!! Full of ice. Oh well, that is the reality of having a summer season in tropical countries like the Philippines.

 Going to beach or spring is a way to relax and having fun with family is best during this hot season. Last Saturday, we had a nice and relaxing day at the Coral Reef beach resort. The resort was not open to the public and not operational for quite sometime but for us locals we could have the access to go in there to have our beach picnic. It was an awesome day to see a beautiful nature God has created even the day was too hot we could still enjoy the water. The white sand beach was so nice and the water was very cold. I loved that day. I love the places where God created its natural beauty.