Wednesday, March 3, 2010

El Niño of 2010 –Blackouts

Today, is another frustrating day for us staying inside the house without electricity during summer season. Using any electric generated appliances to alleviate the high temperature inside the house is not possible. We then choose to stay for the whole long day at the mall to enjoy the cold temperature. Buying any cold refreshment will also help us on soothing our dried up feelings.

It’s more than a week since our city officials initiated for the rolling of blackouts. Our country’s energy officials are searching for the best solution for our country’s energy power shortage due to El Niño. Since our country’s energy power is generated with water, people were advised to conserve energy to avoid energy shortage before the El Niño ends. The 2010 El Niño has just started and expected to last up to July this year, but most of our water dam had almost dried up. El Niño is starting to damage the crops to most farmers in our country. We will just pray that God will send us rain ahead of the pronounced date so that we will not suffer more on the bad effects that El Niño would possibly bring.