Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Sister's Favorite Collection

Have you seen a house having no plants? Can you imagine how dull does a house looks like when having no plants or flowers around? Most people are at least planting any plants or flowers of their choice to add more beauty to their house or gives them fresh air.

There are things in which people are having more fun with. Just like my sister Jade, she loves collecting flowers from different places. She really finds pleasure when she saw our house full of beautiful plants. She always bought plants or flowers which are rare in our place. She makes sure that the plants she bought will not just give her pleasures, but will also gives beauty in our house. She puts some accent on every windows in our house to look more beautiful and fresh by placing her rare flowers in window boxes.

Yesterday, when she visited at her friend’s house, she got more ideas on what flowers were best for our windows to become more attractive from the outside views. As she went back home, she was thinking of putting some of her expensive roses in our room's windows. So, she she dropped by at the plants shop and bought new sets of window boxes planters and window flower boxes which she finds best for her roses.

This morning, as we finished putting all the flowers in the window box, the house became more elegant in terms of being more attractive and fresh. Having some plants inside and outside the house helps rejuvenate us when we rest.