Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keeping a life

My cousin Nelly likes to see green plants anywhere she goes. She wants her house full of green plants that could help gives fresh air. Plants are not just a therapy to her but provide oxygen and beauty to her place as well. At her apartment, she used indoor planters and window box planters to customize her place because she only had a limited area. Having a limited area is not a big deal to her; especially that using a planter for plants is the big solution to this. Most of her planters are gifts from her mother when she decided to move out.

Early this year, her company assigned her to their other branch and promoted her as the manager. This time she needs to transfer to the company’s stuff house. When she was transferred to her new house, she left her plants to her mother. Her new place has plants and beautiful flowers already. Her boss knew how much she likes plants and that is why she bought her plants which placed inside the high end planters and decorative planters that can enhance more beauty to her new house.

Now, having a limited area on your place is not a big deal in which you cannot keep flowers and plants inside your house. Keeping a plant is like keeping a life in which you are treasuring with.