Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A good remembrance

Last year, hubby and I attended an annual convention which was held here in our town. This annual convention was the most awaited event of every member in our organization especially that another new knowledge has being shared by some of the well-known speakers in our country. Some speakers were also diplomats and politicians.

This convention was the biggest event so far we have attended last year. Many attended the convention and even some dignitaries were also present just to attend the event. Though it cost us much, still we never regret it because we have learned many things about the latest in technology and some shared strategies on how to become successful in the field you are in with.

All conventions we have attended so far are giving freebies and free samples from the major sponsors. And during last year’s convention, I was very lucky that the event was fall on the day of my birthday. It was really the most unforgettable experienced ever because I received 2 major awards which were drawn by the sponsors. We, as the professional attendees, were given some free stuff from the minor sponsors and for the young ones were also given some student freebies.

The convention was successfully held for two days. Though we have paid much but all was worth paying for. We never regret attending such convention like this. Not just imparting us the purpose of the said event but also sharing us such things that would give us good remembrance from what we have attended.