Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wave board

Wave board is the newest boarding trend here in my place. Most children in our neighborhood are using the wave board. They feel like they are using snowboard and surfboard on the street. I am amaze seeing little kids using the wave board without hesitations and bravely riding it without showing a bit expression of fear from their face. They even dare to ride it on a stiff road when going up and down to a mountain.

Wow! I really couldn’t imagine how those kids manage to control the board in without stepping the floor. It is very complicated for me as I saw them using their bodies swing to control their way on the road. I never imagine how bad they have been through as they have started using the wave board. A bit of body balance and guts to try it is important if you want to know on how to use it. I tried using the board many times but the more I tried the more my legs got hurt. I will keep on trying until I get the perfect balancing and movement for me to enjoy more on using the wave board.