Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hockey Game

Hockey is one of my nephew’s favorite sports. In fact, he played hockey since he started high school. Since then, he never misses any hockey game played in their place and he became more fanatic on the said sports. Wes has 3 favorite teams in the league and he makes sure not to miss watching live any of the game.

Wes parents are very supportive to him even to the sports he likes. They bought him tickets to watch live every month when his favorite teams played. There are times also that he and his father will go out together to watch for their favorite team. Last December, he received a Christmas present from his Aunt, the Chicago Blackhawks Tickets and Melon Arena Tickets to support for the Pitburgh Penguins home team of Melon Arena. Hockey really thrills Wes even though the game is so physical, but this doesn’t matters to him. The game really excites the fans and the supporters on its designated places.

Wes was also given lately by his mother the Calgary Flames tickets as his advance graduation gift. His mother gives him the chance to watch the game of Calgary Flames live with friends as one on his list of his favorite teams. The team is known to be the first team from Canada to move on in Stanley Cup finals.