Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Life with God

When you wake each morning, what do you usually expect for your life? Do you expect the goodness of God in your life or whatever may come will do? Have you not tried of setting yourself a tone for success, favor and blessing for your life that day? This early month of the year is not just the beginning of the New Year but also the beginning of another decade we are facing on. Last decade, you may have had some hardships and difficulties in life but now it is the right time set the tone for a new season.

There might things may be bad all around you, people would speak negative, complaining and discouraging against you but don’t let that rub off on you. The Scripture tells us that the darker it gets in the world the brighter it is going to be for God’s people. Start praising God and speaking words of faith over your future and be determined to set the tone for the new decade. As you do, God will do amazing things in every area of your life.