Friday, February 26, 2010

The heat of Summer Season

The heat of summer season has finally started. Every weekend, people in our place like to spend more time to beaches or springs to enjoy the beautiful weather. Have you ever thought of having a wonderful trip on this summer for your family? Spending much or less for your travel vacation is not important as long as you enjoy each moment you are in with, that is all what matters most.

My friend Mildred and her hubby just arrived from their one month Europe tour for their honeymoon. For the first time Mildred had experienced traveling abroad and this time with her husband. She had never seen such beautiful scenic places, historical, monument and old buildings same as here in our place. Everything she said was indescribable experienced. They had experienced also some lapses of their given itinerary upon arriving Germany which causes their hotel reservations canceled, but their agent resolved the problem immediately by looking for cheap Hotels in Munich. As they arrived here in our place, she never counted on the bad experienced they have had, instead, she treasured each moments during the tour.

This morning, my aunt is asking me some help to look for cheap hotels in Barcelona for their Spain trip with her husband this summer. My Aunt used to asks me help or ideas every year regarding on travel matters because of my knowledge and experience of traveling. After she retired from her profession as a teacher, she and her husband used to travel abroad every summer to relax, to keep the warmth of their love strong and to enjoy their remaining years together. I am so proud to see those old folks that will cherish their romantic moments.