Monday, February 1, 2010

Trusting the Lord

Sometimes, we feel that it is easy to get discourage when things do not go on our way. Isn’t it? Maybe you are bombarded with many problems and you are not getting out of it as fast as you wanted. Or you are experiencing some challenges in life in which your health and relationships are involved. Remember that our God, who is supernatural, when we believe all things become possible on Him.

The first thing we should do is not going to quit on trying to figure everything out. Remember, if it looks like there are no ways in the natural, trust God to make the way then. He will do whatever it may take to guide and lead us in the path of victory that He has prepared for us.

Thank you Lord for the victory in every challenge we may encounter in life. We trust that with You all things are possible. We will take my eyes off on every circumstance and we choose to put our trust and hope in You. We will praise and thank you always for Your faithfulness in spite of our weaknesses.