Thursday, February 11, 2010

Exchange Students

There are many things in which most students are having a hard time with. Students are usually bombarded with projects, assignments, exams, quizzes and etc. There are some who are having a hard time on understanding their lessons because of their language. This is what most students are using with the help of latest innovative technology of internet, which can able to translate words or even the whole web page.

One of my classmates is an exchange student from Korea. She is very friendly but very silent because she has having a hard time of understanding us for she only knew just a little of English. At first, she finds hard on adjusting her new environment but she never tries of giving up, instead she studied harder on both her lessons and English language. She wanted to develop her English in order for her to interact with others.

In our classroom, I am the only person who can understand and talk a little of Korean language. There are times when she asked me some translation of words in which she finds hard of understanding it. If we have projects or assignments, she will do some of her research through internet and usually used translators to translate the whole web page or words she wanted to read.

It is really my great privilege of having a new foreign friend. Now, we become closer in spite of our culture differences. Winning a friend is not basing on what you have had in common, but for understanding and loving each other is the most important.