Thursday, January 28, 2010

A safe storage compartment

Have you heard about locker? Some lockers are made up of wood and some are steel. I appreciate the concept on how it was built to store things in which many people could enjoy the storage compartment without requiring a large area. There are many places in which lockers are very useful. Examples are in schools, offices, gyms, airports and etc.

I remember when I was working in a big company with many employees; I was once assigned to make canvass of locker for sale in our town. It was a big tasked to my part especially that getting the best quality of lockers at the least price was very difficult. There were many procedures to make on purchasing an item with huge amount involved. The standard procedure of canvassing the prices must be observed and must be presented into detailed.

There are numbers of features or characteristics in which lockers may vary especially the width, depth, height, color, thickness and etc. It was an exhausted but very challenging tasked to my part because I was given the chance to practice the standard way of purchasing an item with a large amount involved from canvassing up to purchasing it.

When we had chosen the supplier for our lockers, we then presented the proposal to the rest of the employees. Most of the employees preferred to use the wood lockers but one of our supervisors did not agree on wood locker. She said there must be a variety on the lockers we have chosen and that she suggested of having our gym lockers made up of steels. Our gym was on separate building which was attached to our building. She also added that having steel gym locker gives additional beauty to our gym. Her suggestion was being agreed and approved by everybody. Every one of us was confident that our things left in our own lockers was safe and secured.


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