Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year’s resolution

One of my new year’s resolutions for this year is to become more progressive as person. In spite of my busy schedules as a student and a wife at the same time; I will make sure to give myself enough time to relax.

Have you heard about planters? Yes, planter for plants. In my case, planter is very useful. I am fond of plants but do not have enough space because we are just renting a house. Plants make my mind relax especially having seen those green plants and beautiful flowers which we placed inside planters. Hubby got the idea of maximizing our area with plants without destroying or redecorating the apartment. Outside the window hubby bought me window box planters for those plants that need sunlight.

Flowers or plants add beauty and fresh air in your home. Your house does not need expensive materials or furniture to make people appreciate on how you decorate it but the way you put natural decors like flowers either inside or outside your house is what matters most.

There are some plants which can survive inside the house. Last week we bought some high end planters for our dwarf coconuts and dwarf pine trees, which we bought along the way back home from a travel. The dwarf plants are good decorative plants along the way to our porch.