Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank God for the Strenght

I though it was my end when I got a high fever and hard of breathing last Friday. I never thought of being sick because I never felt any early symptoms of sickness the day before I was confined in the hospital. I thought I was a healthy person but it was just a deceiving feature of the real me. Inside of me was the worst of all, the deceiving acts of viruses that almost took my life. Huh!! Praise God for saving me from death. For the first time I was diagnosed with viral Pneumonia and asthma. I was in the hospital for how many days and now I am still praying for my fast recovery. I am claiming God's promises. My body is His' temple and no one could harm me. I am serving the God, who is greater , powerful, merciful and loving than he that is in this world. Thank God for a complete healing and for my strength.