Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Best Friend Vacation

The New Year of 2010 has just started and the long holidays of vacation from school and work has ended. This morning I received a call from my best friend who just arrived from their family travel. It was a perfect time for her to spend with her family as part of their family bonding during Christmas holidays and as a part of celebration for her promotion from work. The kids have a long school break for Christmas vacation so they decided to spend it outside the country.

I am so happy for her especially that she finally got the promotion she has been aiming for. Her husband surprises them with a descent trip and decided to stay at Myrtle Beach Resort. My best-friend asked me if I have heard about the Myrtle Beach Resorts. I’ve heard about the resort but never gone to the place yet. I was wondering what makes the resort so special to her hubby for his wife and kids. My best-friend Sheila said that her hubby likes the views, place, food and especially the ambiance of the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts.

We have chatted more than an hour about their travel. She shared to me her greatest memories they have had during their stay at Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort. She never realized how her hubby really treasured the family bonding and making ways to maintain their closeness despite of their busy schedules. My best-friend Sheila is planning to bring us with her family this summer. I am so excited to go with them this summer.