Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Math Problem Solution

It was 5 years had passed since I stopped schooling. Just the 2nd semester of 2009 I had decided to go back for school to take up another course to enhance my knowledge. It has been a while since I am out of school so I find difficulties on adjusting to some of my subjects especially the Math. On the previous job I had been working with for more than 4 years was merely involved more on writing letters for our reports, advertising and marketing strategies for our products. It has been a while also since the last time I encounter arithmetic.

Last week my Math teacher confronted me about the low grade I got this last grading period. She was afraid I will be failed if I will not put effort to work it out this last grading period. What a pressure to my part especially that I only had one more grading period left to catch up. I am a bit worried on how to get a higher grade as early as possible to pass the subject. I am not just aiming to pass but to have a higher grade for math subject this semester.

As I chatted with my niece this morning and I shared with her my math problem. She suggested to me the Online Math Tutoring which she uses for more than a year already. I remember also that my K12 younger brother has been using an Online Math Help for more than 2 years already. It never came into my mind how helpful it was to my younger brother this Math help since he was elementary until now. Since I already had an Online Math Tutoring for my math problem, I am confident to pass the subject with a high grade I expect.