Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Big Day

January 12, 2008, we took our vows together in holy matrimony. I admit, I was not emotionally ready for a commitment, but thank God for helping I become ready to say the “I Dos.”

That was the most unforgettable and happiest event ever in our lives. The feeling was so indescribable and mix-emotions at the same time, because my family wasn’t complete. My parents weren’t there to celebrate and witnessed with us the joy, happiness and excitements we felt that day. For a short period of preparation, we never expect for a simple, solemn and unique ceremony, but we made it possible as it planned.

Wedding is just a day but marriage is a lifetime. I never thought having the BIG DAY that will come along my way this year. There are 4 Cs in which we all remember in a successful marriage.
1. Communication
2. Commitment
3. Confession
4. Christ

I have read a poetic saying says, “Love is not a love which alters when it alteration finds.” The poet is saying that true love does not change with circumstances. Nevertheless, God’s matchless love is so kind, pure and true to those who draw upon HIS love and show love in all we do.


Ailecgee said...

Wow, that looks like a grand wedding celebration. You are now a 7 month old wife. Best wishes and God bless!

Btw, I haven't checked yet if you have already linked me. If ever, please have this blogs of mine.

Thanks a lot!