Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family Day

After long days of doing your stressful routine works make sure to have time to relax. Spending time together with family outside your usual place is conducive to relaxation and best way to maintain each other’s relationship close.

Last weekend, my hubby and I decided to spend time in an amusement park with my younger brother. Many people where having fun with their families, to relax and enjoy the park’s recreational rides, arcade games, shooting galleries, horror houses and many more.

First time we tried the Octopus ride and I almost throw up. I am amazed at my 8 year old brother’s bravery upon riding the Octopus ride without seeing in his face a single fear, in fact, he was enjoying it. I guess younger ones are more aggressive to have an exciting experience and it’s shameful to my part having me older than him afraid of riding such rides.

By choosing to have quality time with family, in such a way you are building an intimate relationship and bridging the gap in between. Close-knitted family is founded with happiness, care, understanding and love. The most important thing we all do is to let God take control over our lives for He knows what’s best for our family.


Ailecgee said...

Yes indeed, family needs some bonding and relaxation. Nice for you to have gone on some bonding with hubby and little brother. Looked like you had fun!
Btw, kindly link these blogs of mine here and I will link you back. Pls. let me know if you're done. Thanks!