Tuesday, August 19, 2008

God is working on our behalf

Recently, Philippine government has been facing a chaotic situation against the rebels particularly Mindanao. The government has decided to sign for an agreement to established good relationship with the Muslim Government and to maintain peace and order. But I guess that decision failed both expectations, when the the rebels threatened and killing many innocent people after the Supreme Court ordered for a restraining order of the said agreement for thorough study.

Just this morning, I received a message from my mother-in law informing us that their town has been harassed by the rebels by planting bombs anywhere. Sunday afternoon while they went out, a bomb exploded near the place they went through. Luckily, their town after the incident has been controlled by the military and maintained the peace and order.

We can never tell when or what time thus the terrorists has to make their move to threaten the people. Still it’s very alarming to us especially some of our relatives and friends are living near in the affected towns. The rebels killed many innocent people, taking them as their hostage, burning houses and salvage both military and civilians. We never expect this to happen after the said peace talk has to be done.

In spite of our worries, God is working behind the scenes in our lives, today. No matter what we may be facing, no matter what tragedy we may be going through, God has a plan to turn things around in our favor.

You may not see it in the natural, but look with your eyes of faith today. Keep standing. Keep believing. Keep hoping. Keep following His Word. Focus on His goodness in your life, knowing that He is the God of order and peace. He will never let His people perish and have no hope. Just meditate on His faithfulness and He will show us His love. He will let us experience His peace, joy and will live in victory all the days of our lives.


Ailecgee said...

All I can say here is... Amen! I am one with you. Yes, just keep the faith ans He'll keep us safe. Take care and God bless!