Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mindanao Island Fair

More than two weeks now that our country, particularly Mindanao has been shaken by tensions of war against the rebels. Although, the situation has been gradually resolved, still we are hoping for a total peace.

This coming August 27-28, our town is celebrating the Kagay-an Festival or Town’s Fiesta.The City of Golden friendship or Cagayan de Oro City has become the center of its yearly Mindanao Island Fair. In spite of the tensions came to Mindanao Island, some of the Government Sectors in different neighboring towns, has come to celebrate KAHIMUNAN MINDANAO 2008. During the Trade Fair, participants are showing their town’s delicacies, handicraft products and promoting their town’s tourist main attractions. Although, Mindanao has been affected by the terrorist attacks, still we have seen how they made this possible and done organized.