Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reunited With Best Friend

It's been a while since my friend went to Singapore to work for more than 2 years.  Another time to be with my best friend since she left the country.  She has been working outside the country for 6 years already and in every 2 years she had to return the country to attend her mother’s death anniversary.  Another time to be with my best friend once again. We had many things we both missed since two years is quiet long time between us. We both spend more talking and sharing of the experiences as usual expected every time she arrived in the country.

Since hubby and I acquired a property away from our hometown, she used to have her first stop over here in our place and stayed for how many days before going home to see her family. We are actually expecting her arrival on the 3rd week of October but she managed the date earlier to enjoy much longer her vacation with the family and friends. She bought us lots of chocolates, dress, accessories and tote bag with
Singapore print on.

My friend has never forgotten our hobby of collecting different bags printed with the name of the places we had been to. We both had a collection of bags from the local places we visited within the country before. This time, she shared some of the bags she collected from her overseas travel. A simple collections of bags are one of our biggest interests.