Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hyper Acidity

 It has been a while since my mother did not come to our house to visit us. My wife and I were very happy to see her again. I miss my parents since I left in our house to have my own family. I never had the chance to visit my hometown again after I got married. My mother usually visited us and stayed months. Since she arrived the other week, she has been complaining about her abdomen. She felt like always having heartburn, stomach spasm or anything she can’t even describe about her stomach pain.

Early this week, she was complaining about shortness of breathing and hyper acidity.  She cannot even eat properly due to her indescribable stomach pain. My wife and I decided to bring her to the hospital to have a check up. Hyper acidity is really hard to understand especially to elderly people. Before mother arrived here in our house, she had herself a thorough medical check up especially the one she keeps on complaining with her stomach.  The doctor gave her medicine to lower down the acidity but still the pain hasn’t alleviated especially that mother sometimes failed to take the medicine.

So, wife and I agreed that we will bring in another doctor to have a second opinion about her condition. The doctor told us that aside from the hyper acidity she felt nothing is serious it is just she needs rest and prompt taking her medicines. It is the normal feelings of a person when having a hyper acidity. All she needs is rest, eating at the right time, exercise and eat the right food that is less with acid content food. 

Having this hyper acidity, the feeling is indescribable.  Hyper acidity can cause heartburn and other stomach discomfort.   One thing we were afraid  about my mother’s condition was might be worse than we thought like kidney problem, or other stomach problem that is fatal like colon problem. When my father knew about my mother’s condition, he immediately flew here to discuss with us on what to do. We then come up with to try the Colonic Irrigation Melbourne, to check further on her intestine and stomach. It is good that we will have the right and accurate check up to avoid further complications.