Friday, September 20, 2013

Father's Accident

Today, mother is flying back to Iligan City to check on my father’s condition since father had a minor accident yesterday. Father is old enough to have such accident. It is very delicate condition to father if he had an accident considering that he is 82 years old. We are all worried about his condition although he told us that there is nothing for us to worry about because he is fine.

Mother heading to airport without bringing any clothes. We just bought some food for father. Mother brought the shopping bags full of his favorite food. We can’t wait to hear what really the condition of father aside from saying he is fine. Aside from the bruises he got, abrasion of his head made us all worried.  We are not confident in his mere words of feeling fine but all we need is to know the result of the thorough medical check up. Hoping for my father to get well and the result of his medical report is not harmful.