Monday, September 2, 2013

Hating Constipation

When I was young I don’t have any problem about constipation.  As I grew up and turned into a young adult, I have started experiencing skipping on my daily routine disposal.   Maybe it is because of my daily water drinking habit and the food I take has lots of changes from the usual. I  don’t really like drinking plenty of water because I don’t like going to the bathroom always in school. 

My mother used to remind me to drink plenty of water or least 8 glasses a day.  As a young teenager that time, I didn’t pay much attention on whatever she told me about.  I am very active and sports enthusiasts person but I am not fond of taking much fluid to replenish the water that comes out from my body. It is not good to be active and you are not taking much water.  It is important to replenish the sweat that comes out from your body by drinking water. This is my biggest mistake that should not be happening again.

Lately, I have suffered from the mistakes I have done from less water intake, eating more of salty food, fatty food, soda and improper of taking medicines. These are some factors that contributed to what I am suffering from my kidney stone.  I have realized that everything I have done even if I am an active person still I have limitations to keep my kidney healthy.  It is not good to drink less water intake everyday as well.

Just right after I felt some pain from my stomach, I have gone to my doctor for a thorough stomach check up. The doctor told me that the results of the tests done was that I am suffering from a mild colon problem. Being an athlete, does also contribute a lot on taking out some toxins found in the body.  The doctor advised me just to take the medicines. Lucky that the kidney problem I had was not severely affecting my body and could be cured by taking medicines and more water intake. Thank God I have recovered fast and have learned my lesson as well. 

I’ve been wondering about what had happened to me before on my constipation and my kidney problem were related.  The pain in my stomach leads me to clueless about the possible kidney problem. You can never tell on a simple pain could be fatal if not treated. Going to see your doctor immediately is important when there is something you feel unusual pain in your body.