Friday, June 4, 2010

Keeping on Guard

School days are fast approaching. I can now smell the fragrance of the ink of my pen on the notebook. I am having a vacation hang-over since I had a great summer experience this year. It just that great experience happens in unexpected situations. Our house had been ransacked while we are on our way to the beach. Lockers are supposedly to tighten the security of our house but that did not just worked. Worst than ever they jammed especially the wood lockers, forcing us to break our cabinets to see if some of our jewelries were saved. Fortunately, some of the jewelries where is there. It was just funny because they did not manage to unlock the wood lockers forcing them to just jam it off. Those thieves are unconscious that there are lockers for sale that are as durable as we have. Good thing they didn’t took much from our house.

Going back to the school thing, I am now more vigilant to thieves; first part of my preparation is to secure a school locker. This would be one step of keeping my things safe while busy on academic field. Since I still have a Physical Education subject, I also secured my own trusted gym locker to assure that the locker will not be as lousy as security would be. Even in my car I produce a specially made alarm expecting that the feeling of being robbed will not happen to me in jeopardy. My best part of duty will be on guard while I am in school this school year. It will be one busy, vigilant year.