Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Computer Games Addiction

Nowadays, playing online games, computer games, play station, PSP and etc. are becoming the most favorite hobby to most children in today’s generation. I have seen the bad effects of these games to kids and even to teenagers when they got addicted to pc games. The bad influence of these games sometimes leads them to stop studying and some got the lowest grades to all their subjects. Kids nowadays would prefer to play pc games rather than sports.

My younger brother is one of those kids who are addicted to games. For how many years he was never get rid the bad habit on giving more time playing rather than studying. This year, we let him choose for what he should see the best for him. And he said, he rather chooses studying and sports.

On my opinion, playing pc games are not bad. The only thing that makes it bad is that, when a person plays too much and forgets what the priorities in their lives are, this makes a person becomes stagnant and not progressive in life.


Vanesa said...

Computer games is for leisure only not a career.
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lexorjunnel said...

One of the Negative effects of Game addiction is Blows off responsibilities; work, school, etc. So if we play too much we forgets what the priorities in our lives.


Stacey said...

i think that more than anything, people playing games must understand the things they miss every time they play online games and turn their heads to social networks like facebook.

as long as online games serve as an entertainment, it is totally fine.

Also, it must be certain that the game is not injecting any negative perspective to the gamer.

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